How It’s Made

John 1:3: Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched How It’s Made on television. If you haven’t, it shows videos of different objects being made, strangely enough. Some of these things include 3-D printers, NASCAR engines, apple pie, barber poles, skateboard wheels, bicycles, foosball tables, office chairs, bowling balls, barber poles, miniature train cars, jukeboxes and grandfather clocks. That’s quite a list, and it doesn’t begin to dent the number of objects the series has covered since 2001.

Once we at home overcame our sense of wonder at the variety and uses of the objects, we noticed something unintended about the series. In almost every episode, there are incredibly complex machines that in a way are more marvelous than the objects they make. In fact, we’d like to see a show dedicated to the design, creation and use of the manufacturing machines. We could call it How the Machines that Made All This Stuff Are Made. I know it would be a big hit.

I think God is like the machines that make other things. God simply was, is, and will be. No one and nothing designed God. Instead, driven by love, God made the universe and everything in it and made them so that they can fulfill God’s plans. Humans are at the pinnacle of material creation, and God loved us so much that we can choose to be part of God’s plans or not. This choice differentiates us from everything else in the universe, and part of doing God’s will involves taking action to make sure everyone has a chance to experience salvation. And while that is a process, I still think the whole arrangement was made by God. And it works and it works well.



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